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Apr 28, 2022 | Featured Vendors

Long before building FlameLight CandleWorks I worked at a prominent local bakery for twenty years. I started part time working after high school and through college before entering management after graduating college. Over the course of a decade I delivered over 500 wedding cakes to most of Portland area’s wedding venues. This experience working with the Wedding Shop, delivering wedding cakes and working in numerous wedding shows has given me a great experience of many facets of the wedding industry.

I started exploring my interest in candles by buying a hexagon mold and pouring melted
 remnants of beeswax candles and IKEA candles. I knew I wanted to make unique candles so for Christmas gifts I poured candles into hexagon plant pots I found at
 Portland Nursery. I enclosed a label saying, “when I am done giving you light, return me 
for a refill or grow a plant in me”.

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It was shortly after this that I convceived the idea of a Himalayan Pink Salt Candle. I was 
familiar with the salt lamps and tea lights and I thought it would be a great medium for 
poured candles. What I did not know yet was that it had not been done before. This
 became painfully obvious when I started searching online for Himalayan pink salt
 vessels to pour a candle in. I spent three weeks scouring the internet and was resigned 
that no suitable object existed, everything I found being salt lamps and tea light holders. 
After lamenting my frustrated search, my partner amazed me by pulling up the perfect
 candle container after a two minute search. This original find has become my Tower

Wanting a variety of sizes, I bought Himalayan Pink Salt tea light holders from this
 vendor and started experimenting with a drill press and various types of drill bits before
 finding the right combination of bit and drill speed to successfully enlarge the tealight
 sized cores of the tealights and Torchieres to accommodate a poured candle. The early 
attempts resulted in cracked and shattered salt crystal and a lot of salt dust 

My workshop now includes a bandsaw and bench sander that have allowed me to start
creating Art Candles from all the various sizes and shapes of Himalayan Pink Salt
available. It started with the Fire Table, then the Fortress of Saltitude, the Split Wall and
 many more to come. My salt vendor is amazed and is now working with me to create 
items specifically for poured candles. He said in an email:

“First off, I want to say I’m really impressed with all of the candles you make, I think 
it’s absolutely gorgeous!! I’m really excited to see where this goes! I think you are 
the only one I know who pours candles into the Himalayan Salt, I hope it does 
really well for you!! Thank you so much for the pictures, they are all amazing!! I
 showed them to the team and they all love it!”

-Asad, (Salt Vendor)

When thinking of potential markets for my Salt Art creations, weddings was one of the
first that came to mind. I believe they are stunning as table centerpieces, can be used
as ceremony or unity candles, and make great wedding and wedding party gifts. As
these Himalayan Pink Salt Crystal candles have never been available before, you can be 
assured your guests and recipients will never have seen anything quite like it.

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