Dance Lessons in Portland, Oregon

The first dance: the intimate, loving moment you share with your spouse as a married couple. When the toasts have been made and the champagne has been served, it’s all eyes on you as you dance together with your partner. Portland dance instructors offer lessons to help make your wedding dances truly memorable. From an elegant ballroom waltz to a light-hearted twist, our skilled dance instructors know how to get the party started!

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Sway into Wedded Bliss: Navigating Dance Lessons in Portland, Oregon

The wedding day dance is a moment etched in time, a swirl of elegance and joy. For couples seeking to choreograph their perfect dance, Portland, Oregon, offers a dance scene as diverse as its culture. From ballroom to hip-hop, finding the right dance lessons ensures that your first dance as a married couple is a breathtaking performance.

Exploring Dance Styles: From Ballroom to Hip-Hop

Portland’s dance studios cater to a myriad of dance styles, allowing couples to choose the rhythm that resonates with them. For those dreaming of a classic and graceful dance, ballroom styles like waltz, tango, and swing might be the perfect fit. These timeless dances embody romance and sophistication, transforming your first dance into a captivating performance.

If you’re drawn to the pulsating beats and energetic moves, consider spicing up your routine with salsa or hip-hop. These dynamic styles inject a burst of modern flair, reflecting the vibrant energy of your relationship.

Beyond the Basics: Country-Western, Line, and Rhumba

For couples seeking a touch of Western charm, country-western and line dancing offer a delightful blend of tradition and fun. The sweeping movements of country-western dances evoke a sense of togetherness, perfect for a couple ready to embark on a lifelong journey.

For a sultrier vibe, the rhumba adds a dash of Latin romance to your repertoire. This slow and sensual dance allows you to connect intimately on the dance floor, mirroring the passion of your connection.

Tips for Finding the Perfect Dance Lessons

Define Your Style: Before choosing a dance style, discuss with your partner to determine the mood you want to convey. Whether it’s classic romance or modern excitement, there’s a dance style to match.

Research Dance Studios: Look for dance studios in Portland that offer a variety of classes. Read reviews and consider the instructor’s expertise to ensure a positive and productive learning experience.

Start Early: Begin your dance lessons well in advance to allow ample time for practice. This not only reduces stress but also enhances your confidence on the dance floor.

A Choreographed Spectacle with the Whole Wedding Party

Take the joy of dance a step further by incorporating a fun and choreographed routine with your entire wedding party! Imagine pulling off a synchronized dance, where bridesmaids and groomsmen join you on the dance floor, turning your first dance into a memorable group performance. From upbeat swing routines to lively line dances, involving your wedding party adds a touch of collective celebration to your special day.

Dance lessons in Portland are a delightful prelude to your wedding day, transforming the dance floor into a canvas for your unique love story. Whether you opt for the grace of ballroom or the spontaneity of hip-hop, Portland’s diverse dance scene ensures you’ll twirl into wedded bliss with style and grace.

Dance for Fitness

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We know how important your wedding day is and we want to make your first dance absolutely amazing! Wether you want to WOW the crowd, learn some fancy turns or just do more than sway back and forth (the infamous penguin dance) We are here to help you!

Arthur Murray Dance Center - Beaverton

10030 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy
Beaverton, OR 97005
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Arthur Murray Dance Center - Clackamas

16112 SE 82nd Dr.
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Arthur Murray Dance Center - Portland

2526 NE Broadway St., Suite 1636
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Dance with Joy Studios

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Dance with Susan Molitor

6055 NE Glisan St.
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DanceWell Ballroom - Aloha Grange

3425 SW 185th Ave.
Beaverton, OR 97006
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DanceWell Ballroom - Parkrose

4848 NE 105th Ave.
Portland, OR 97220
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Fred Astaire Dance Studio

6520 SW Rosewood St.
Lake Oswego, OR 97035
(971) 255-1918


2310 Kauffman Ave.
Vancouver, WA 98660
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Mating Dance Maker

Portland, OR
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PDX Flash Mob

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Portland Wedding Dance

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Rose City Studio

1420 NW 17th Ave., Suite 88
Portland, OR 97209
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The Ballroom Dance Company

8900 SW Commercial St.
Tigard, OR 97223
(503) 639-4861

The Wedding Choreographer: Lindsay Miller Stokes

Beaverton, OR
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