Portland Wedding Recycling, Cleanup, Set-Up & Take-Down

Everyone needs some help before and after their wedding. Whether it’s setting up tables and chairs before the ceremony or cleaning up after, we can help. Portland, Oregon cleaning companies handle it all. They arrive at the venue early, set it all up perfectly, and take it down for you when you’re done. No fuss, no stress, so you can relax and have fun.

Before your wedding ceremony, you are busy! You’ve got to get dressed and do your hair and makeup. You’re concerned with getting all of your guests to the venue too. Plus, you have to make sure last minute things are ready, like the cake, catering, and DJ. The last thing you want to think about is setting up the venue space. Let us help take the pressure off and do it all for you. Our cleaning and setup service arrives hours before you do and handles it all. They set up tents, tables, chairs, and decor. They make sure it all looks perfect. So when you get there, it will all look like a dream!

Let’s face it, weddings and events are messy. Guests leave trash around, confetti and rice are all over, and there are likely some spills to handle. Parties are no fun to clean up after, and all you want to do after your wedding is rest! It’s time for your honeymoon, not for a cleaning session! Let our cleaning companies do the work, so you can go be with your honey. We’ll handle the garbage, the recycling, the spills. No matter how much fun you and your guests had, we’ll make it look like it never happened. Have your venue and reception spaces cleaned by us. It’s money well spent.

So hire a cleaning company in Portland, Oregon, and make your wedding stress free and fun!

The Broomsmen

Setup, Staffing, Breakdown, Cleanup, Haul Away, and Recycling Service
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Yes, that’s correct, it’s not a spelling error… The Broomsmen! Catchy, huh? The Broomsmen is a Central Oregon based business tackling the jobs your real groomsmen want no part of, or have time for on your wedding day – setup and cleanup! In addition to providing extra hands, we also promote zero waste and green events!